Spring Gadget

Held In Off-hand, this device is a quest reward available to Horde players only. There is no other similar item usable by players so far. It’s quite easy to get and original. Spring Gadget  ...

Mok’Morokk’s Grog Bottle

Held In Off-hand – I present you the only bottle held in off-hand (not broken). This is a quest reward available to Horde players only. There is no other similar item so far and It’s very...

Kobold Candle

Held In Off-hand This dynamite stick so called “candle” is available for Alliance players only but Horde players can get a similar item (same color and same art.) Both are quest rewards. Kobold Candle Thermotastic...

Bouquet of Roses

Held In Off-hand Use: Shower a nearby target with a cascade of black or red petals! You can self-target. You can loot these bouquets during Love is in the air event from some boss. Bouquet...

Shomi’s Fan

A beautiful fan available as a quest reward for Druids, Priests, Monks. Mages and Warlocks can get a similar fan in a different color by completing another quest: Call Out Their Leader Tips: if you...

Umbrella of Chi-Ji

Held in off-hand, for sure this umbrella will make you look classy. Obtainable with archaeology in Pandaria. Umbrella of Chi-Ji    

Old Ironjaw

Held In Off-hand. The legendary uncatchable fish of Ironforge.  Just holding this scaly old monster makes you feel tough. Old Ironjaw  

Fire Eater’s Guide

Book held In Off-hand made by inscription players. Breathe fire on enemies in front of you. (2 Min Cooldown) Fire Eater’s Guide

Red Wine Glass

For a fancy reception or a wedding, bring your red glass wine. Effect guaranteed. Held In Off-hand. Red Wine Glass  

Eerie Stable Lantern

A useful lantern when the night falls. Held In Off-hand. Eerie Stable Lantern