Cursed Vision of Sargeras


Head Armor Leather

Use: Shows the location of all nearby dem…

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Circle of Flame


Head Armor Cloth

This item triggers a tornado of flames arou…

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Collection of elegant hats


I really like the design of this hat. I thought you might like …

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Straw Hat


A fun accessory for a different look . This hat is sold by Gina

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X-52 Rocket Helmet


On use, lauches your character to the air and deploys a parac

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Bad Mojo Mask


If you like masks this one is for you. Binds when picked up. Cl…

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Don Carlos’ Famous Hat


Add this stylish hat to your collection! On use: summons an i…

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The Hexxer's Mask

The Hexxer’s Mask


The perfect mask for almost every occasion. Binds when pick…

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Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator


There’s no hat like this one.
Use: Channels a bolt of l

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Vile Fumigator’s Mask


Use: Sprays an enemy with vile fumes, incapacitating it for …

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Burgy Blackheart’s Handsome Hat


A hat that transforms you into Burgy Blackheart. Equip: Suc…

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Forever-Lovely Rose


A beautiful rose worn in the hair for female characters. Mal…

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