Disgusting Oozeling

Character and mount turn green when summoning Disgusting Oozeling. I usually don’t mention companions, I think there are great sites for that. That being said, since this one triggers an effect on characters, I had...

Ringo’s Blizzard Boots

That’s right, sandals with socks…a ‘must have’ Ringo’s Blizzard Boots They aren’t so easy to get. They drop from 1 kind of trash mob; Death Talon Wyrmguard in Blackwing Lair. There are 2 groups of...

Precious’ Ribbon

Shirt The Precious’s Ribbon provides the “Best in Show” buff as long as you wear the shirt. Dropped by: Precious, one of the mob in Icecrown Citadel. Drop Chance: 5.68%. Precious’ Ribbon Tips farming Precious...

Spectral Grog

Consumable Use: Transform into a spectral pirate for 1 hour and gets you drunk to boot. (3 Sec Cooldown). Dropped by several mobs in Pandaria. Spectral Grog This will also transform your mount.    

Collection of elegant hats

I really like the design of this hat. I though you might like it too. Same hat in different colors: Ata‘mal Crown  (Quest Reward) / Whitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau (Drop) Windchanneller’s Miter (Mage, Priest, Warlock) Midrealm...

Elixir of Wandering Spirits

Use: Take on the form of a Golden Lotus hero for 10 minutes. Different appearances possible. Elixir of Wandering Spirits      

Six Demon Bag

Trinket, on use blasts enemies in front of you with the power of wind, fire, all that kind of thing! (3 Min Cooldown) Six Demon Bag

Lei of Lilies

Neckless. Use: Conjures a Lily Root that restores health and mana when eaten. (1 Hour Cooldown) Lei of Lilies