Astralaan Robe Recruit's Robe acolyte's robe Fur Covered Robe Robe of the Dragon Slayer Primal Robe Acolyte's Robe Apprentice's RobeApprentice's Robe White Linen Robe Journeyman's Robe Buccaneer's Robes Simple Dress Solstice Robe Willow Robe Novice's Robe Robes of Antiquity Neophyte's Robe Civinad Robes Double-Stitched Robes Sorcerer Robe Apprentice's Robe Archmage Robe Chromatic Robe Shimmering Silk Robes Burning Robes Smoldering Robe Bright Robe Pressed Felt Robe Seer's Robe Brown Linen Robe Plain Robe Dalaran Wizard's Robe Darkmoon Robe Neophyte's Robe Gray Woolen Robe Unkempt Robe Ancestral Robe Mystic's Robe Beaded Robe Gilnean Acolyte's Robe Gilnean Apprentice's Robe Gilnean Neophyte's Robe Black Ash Robe Robe of Power Gossamer Robe Infernoweave Robe Robes of Arugal