Quilen Statuette

Trinket. Use: Summon the artifact-bound Quilen but only for a few seconds. (10 Min Cooldown) Quilen Statuette You can get this item with archaeology.    

Don Carlos’ Famous Hat

Add this stylish hat to your collection! On use: summons an incorporeal coyote spirit to accompany you. The spirit will remain until sent away or you remove the hat. This item only drops in Heroic...

Seed of Tranquil Growth

Trinket РOn use, this trinket summons a Tranquil Spout to heal you for 10 min. (1 Hour Cooldown) Dropped by: Nasra Spothide. This NPC can be found in Valley of the Four Winds (2). Drop...

Toy Windmill

This trinket summons a huge Windmill Lance above your head for a few seconds. This is a quest reward. Toy Windmill  

Gus’ First Aid Kit

This trinket summons a Goblin nurse that will perform a physical. (2 Min Cooldown) Quest reward. Gus’ First Aid Kit    

Miniature Voodoo Mask

This trinket Calls forth 3 Voodoo Gnomes to destroy your enemies. (10 Min Cooldown) Dropped by: Hex Lord Malacrass. This NPC can be found in Zul’Aman. Drop Chance: 0.94% Miniature Voodoo Mask    

Dynasty of Steel

This trinket summons a Whirlwind of Blades to fight for you for 10 min. Dropped by Nal’lak the Ripper, elite rare in Valley of the Four Winds. Dynasty of Steel  

Helpful Wikky’s Whistle

This whistle calls Helpful Wikky, who will forage for you and bring back presents. (2 Hrs Cooldown) You need to kill 50 creatures whitin the 2 hours and Wikky will bring you back a bag...

Empty Crawdad Trap

Summon ¬†lobstrok guardians to fight by your side for 12 sec. The trinket is dropped by Mr. Pinchy Sr; elite rare in Nagrand. Empty Crawdad Trap  

Bubbliest Brightbrew Charm

A trinket used to summon the Brewmaiden, whose very presence bolsters a party’s vigor. Wave at her for Brewfest Brew! (10 Min Cooldown) Dropped by Coren Direbrew during the Brewfest event. Bubbliest Brightbrew Charm  

Jade Raccoon

A trinket used to summon your loyal raccoon friend Socks. (3 Min Cooldown) This is a quest reward. Jade Raccoon  

Cooking School Bell

With this item you can summon and dismiss Nomi, your student in the Cooking Tradeskill. Also, if you summon a pet and Nomi will not be dismissed. I have tried it by summoning my chicken...