River Boat

Use: Summon your River Boat on the water’s surface within 20 yards. May only be used in Thousand Needles. Unfortunately it’s not usable everywhere but it’s a pretty nice boat.

There are some requierements in order to get access to this quest. See these comments in wowhead:

“By Cipri (22,799 – 5·30·99) on 2010/12/13 (Patch 4.0.3). For those that just want to finish this quest and are trying to skip a whole bunch at the same time, here are some pre-reqs you’ll run into:

Before you can get your own boat you’ll have to start a Bar Fight! and rescue Rigfizzle who’s stuck In the Outhouse sunken under the boat.

Before being send off to Free Freewind Post you’ll have to rescue Synge / Wizzle and kill The Mad Magus”


River Boat



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