The Precious’s Ribbon provides the “Best in Show” buff as long as you wear the shirt.
Dropped by: Precious, one of the mob in Icecrown Citadel. Drop Chance: 5.68%.

Precious’ Ribbon

Tips farming Precious

I got this shirt after 2 days farming.
From my experience, you can farm this item by resetting the instance while in raid.
Since Precious is not a boss, she will repop along with other mobs. Leave the instance, reset and redo. (I was in raid normal 10.)Now, I was not in group when I farmed this the 2nd day. But you can make the trash mop repop by changing to 25 man.
Leave the instance, change to 25, reset all instances and try again.
This worked like a charm, but that did not work in 10 man only 25.  (I was not grouped 25 man normal.)
Hope this help!

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