Precious’ Ribbon

Shirt – The Precious’s Ribbon gives the “Best in Show” buff as long as you wear the shirt. Dropped by: Precious, one of the mobs in Icecrown Citadel. Drop Chance is low: 5.68%.

Precious’ Ribbon

Tips farming Precious

I got this shirt after 2 days of farming. From my experience, you can farm this item by resetting the instance while in a raid. Since Precious is not a boss, she will re-pop along with other mobs. Leave the instance, reset and redo. (I was in raid normal 10). Now, I was not in a group when I farmed this the 2nd day. But you can make the trash mop re-pop by changing to 25 men.Leave the instance, change to 25, reset all instances and try again.
This worked like a charm, but that did not work in 10 men only 25.  (I was not grouped 25 men normal.)

Hope this helps!


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