Circle of Flame

Head Armor Cloth

This item triggers a tornado of flames around the caster on use.
Pretty nice effect.
The drop rate is low around 4% however, the boss is easy to farm as you can use the teleporter at the entrance kill the boss and go back then reset the instance.
It takes 2 minutes at each try.
Comment in wowhead page:

“Just click on the mole machine and go to the option ‘just past the grim guzzler’ then one shot the mobs and run in and one shot the boss.
If it doesnt drop just run back to the mole machine and rinse and repeat. It takes about 2 mins for each run so its easily farmable.
Just pray to the RNG gods and enjoy your fire helm that looks awesome on a fire mage or even a destro warlock.”



Author: Lady Sawen

Casual World Of Warcraft Player for a while now. I enjoy collecting fun and useless items in-game. Find me here

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