Patchwork Hut

You can build these tents pretty much everywhere except on battlegrounds, capitals, instances and few other specific areas like that.
Tents last for 5 minutes. If you spend at least 10 seconds resting you will become well-rested and gain 10% to all stats for 1 hour. (5 Min Cooldown)

The item disappear after it’s being used. The tents are sold by a leatherworking follower working on a level 2 tannery. You can also purchase these tents by visiting a friend’s garrison with a tannery level 2. Don’t forget a following needs to be working on the tannery.

Archmage's Tent

Blood Elven Tent

Crusader's Tent

Deathweaver's Hovel

Distressingly Furry Tent

Elune's Retreat

Enchanter's Tent

Fine Blue and Gold Tent

Fine Blue and Green Tent

items.Fine Blue and Purple Tent

High Elven Tent

Ironskin Tent

Nomad's Spiked Tent

Ornate Alliance Tent

Outcast's Tent

Patchwork Hut

Savage Leather Tent

Simple Tent

Sturdy Tent

Voodoo Doctor's Hovel

Brute's Tent

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