Magic Bamboo Shoot

Transform into a panda cub for 10 min. Cuteness overload ^^

Comment posted by a player in wowhead: This conjured item can be obtained by using the /hug emote on Meng Meng (if Alliance) or Luo Luo (if Horde). Both panda cubs are located beside the portal to Pandaria in your faction’s capital city (Stormwind or Orgrimmar). Once you use the Magic Bamboo Shoot you will gain the buff Bamboozled and become a panda cub for 10 minutes, or until canceled.

Note: nothing happened when I tried in my usual form but as soon as I took an elixir or used a toy to change my appearence, I got the Magic Bamboo Shoot in my bag. Worked with Elixir of Wandering Spirits and Wisp amulet.



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