The Silkmasters’ Satin Robe is a quest reward available for Horde and Alliance characters Priests.
However, Mages and Warlock can get a similar dress Gilded Fan Silk Robe also as a quest reward.

There are 2 other similar dresses (same color, same art) available in-game.

The quest happens in Valley of the Four Winds.

In order to get access to this quest in particular, you may need to complete some other quests in the area.
If the NPC does not talk to you, don’t give up.
You may or may not have completed that quest already. To find out, simply use a quest checker like: Icy Veins


  • Side: SideA SideH
  • Source: Quest Reward
  • Level: —
  • Binds: BoP
  • Armor: Cloth
  • Slot: Chest

Silkmasters' Satin RobeSilkmasters' Satin Robe back

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